Friday, April 29, 2011

Holiday List 2011 Punjab Technical University (PTU) Jalandhar

Below find complete list of holidays and reserved holidays for 2011 for Punjab Technical University (PTU) Jalandhar. This information is accurate by the date of publication; therefore, do check with university for any changes in Holidays.
Holiday List

1  Birthday Guru Gobind Singh Ji   11th Jan   Tuseday
2  Republic Day                    26th Jan  Wednesday
3  Holi                            20th March  Sunday
4  Independence Day                15th Aug   Monday
5  Birthday Mahatma Gandhi ji      2nd Oct    Sunday
6  Dussehra                        6th Oct    Thirsday
7  Diwali                          26th Oct   Wednesday
8  Birthday Guru Nanak Dev ji      10th Nov   Thursaday
9  Christmas                       25th Dec   Sunday

Reserved Holidays

1  Lohri                           13th Jan   Thursday
2  Birthday Guru Ravi Das ji       18th Feb   Friday
3  Mahashivratri                   2nd March  Wednesday
4  Baisakhi                        14th April  Thursday
5  Shahid Divas Guru Arjan Dev ji  5th June   Sunday
6 Maharaja Ranjit Singh Death Anniversary   29th June   Wednesday 
7  Janmashtami                     22nd Aug   Monday
8  Edul Fitar                      31st Aug    Wednesday
9  Birthday Maharishi Balmiki Ji   11th Oct    Tuesday

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